September 22, 2020

High School Maritime Subjects

“The country (South Africa) has a handful of maritime schools and if we are to help transform the industry an extra effort is necessary to develop, support and nurture these schools because of a critical role they could play because of their strategic location in the ladder of human development.… It goes without saying that if learners were never introduced and or exposed to maritime awareness at schools’ level, the chances of an interest being generated at the point of enrolment at a tertiary institute are far reduced.”

- SA Comprehensive Maritime Transport Policy

Maritime Studies aims to prepare young people for post-school employment in the maritime industry by providing students in Grades 10, 11 and 12 with access to two specialist subjects, Maritime Economics and Nautical Science.

It is Important that:

• High school learners taking complex subjects - such as Maritime Economics and Nautical Science (which has specialised procedures and unique jargon) - have access to learning materials which have been developed with the South African learner and his/her needs in mind (i.e. material which is content rich, illustrative, relevant and easy to use and understand);

• Maritime Economics and Nautical Science form part of the National Senior Certificate (NSC); 

• Maritime subjects are taught in innovative and compelling ways so as to fuel a passion and interest for the maritime industry, while preparing the youth holistically for the demands and expectations of the industry;

• The education system as a whole in South Africa effectively supports the provision of a high quality maritime education by providing a strong foundation in Mathematics and Natural Science instruction as these are foundation subjects for many of the skills required for the future, including many maritime careers;

• South Africa captures and preserves the knowledge and expertise of South Africa’s most experienced Maritime Educators, for the benefit of generations to come. 

The STS Lawhill Maritime Centre, the pioneer of secondary school-based maritime education, has developed Online content based on their knowledge and expertise which will not only be extremely beneficial to learners, but will help guide future maritime educators on how to present the maritime subjects in the most effective manner. STS  Lawhill  Maritime  Centre  believes  that “skills  development  should  be  done,  not  only  at tertiary  or  TVET  level,  but  at  high  school  level.  This is where we should cultivate an increased awareness of (and interest in) the maritime industry, as well as a love, respect and appreciation for the ocean”.

The subjects Maritime Economics and Nautical Science are being made available as a more comprehensive on-line learning course and in so doing, provide maritime skills and knowledge to a broader audience. This will include home schoolers, learners in maritime schools as well as schools not currently offering these subjects.

The online resource material for the maritime subjects will go a long way to assisting current and future teachers of these subjects in South African government schools, as well as in any schools – be they Government or Private - who wish to offer the subject/s in the future.

To access the online learning platforms please click on the below link:

Maritime Economics Gr 10 to 12

Nautical Science Gr 10 to 12        

Nautical Science Final Grade 12 Exams Video Tutorials

A step by step tutorial for Grade 12s on how to tackle a final year exam paper. Follow the link below for all videos.