September 02, 2020

Assistant Driller

As the name implies, the assistant driller works closely with the driller on the drill floor. They are responsible for supervising the pump man, roughneck and derrickman – and will liaise between the drill team and the driller.

Key tasks:

·        Supervise drilling personnel such as the derrickman and other subordinate staff.

·        Operate drill equipment.

·        Monitor and control temperature and pressure of the drill.

·        Record data for driller.

Entry requirements/training:

The assistant needs to have previous experience in the field and have gained technical as well as mechanical knowledge on board oil rigs.

Career advancement:

Opportunity for advancement exists on board rigs within the drilling department. Having gained sufficient experience and the necessary skills working under the driller, an assistant driller can advance to the position of driller. Completing additional courses and certificates relevant to the skills required on the job will enhance advancement opportunities. These may include additional safety and Hazmat courses amongst others.

Associated job opportunities:

Experience in the offshore drilling department will also allow you to work onshore in a similar capacity and may offer entry opportunities into a number of more technically-inclined and more highly skilled positions given the appropriate additional training and education.