Marine Governance and Protection covers a wide range of different careers. In order to protect our oceans, we need a range of different scientists to help us understand every aspect of our oceans. This includes oceanographers, meteorologists, marine biologists, marine spatial planners, marine scientists, ichthyologists and more. The South African government and research institutes proactively work to understand our oceans, our fish supplies and how to protect the marine resources we have. In order to ensure the protection of our oceans we need marine lawyers and other legal professionals to enforce legislation such as the Marine Living Resources Act. Maritime lawyers would enforce the Merchant Shipping Act.

  • Marine Surveyor

    Marine Surveyors assess, monitor and report on vessel condition; inspect damage and inspect equipment to ensure compliance to standards.

  • Oceanographer

    Oceanography is the study of all aspects of the ocean. Oceanography covers a wide range of topics, from marine life and ecosystems, to currents...

  • Marine Biologist

    Marine biology is the study of life in the oceans and other saltwater environments such as estuaries and wetlands. It includes the study of marine...

  • Marine Scientist

    Marine science is broader than marine biology and includes the study of the physical and chemical aspects of the oceans, such as currents, climate,...

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