December 06, 2023

Catering, Hospitality and Onboard Services Ratings

Catering, Hospitality and Onboard Services Ratings responsible for the maintenance and repair of refrigeration systems on board, crucial for preserving perishable goods. 

Key tasks:

Working with management company accountants to maintain accounts, budgets and other financial reports.

Responsible for all crew travel and guest travel as required

Advanced planning and preparation for owner and guest trips, including on-site reconnaissance as required

Entry requirements/training:

A variety of jobs in the ship’s kitchen, restaurants, bars and mess rooms (crew canteen and social space). On passenger vessels, they sort bedding and upkeep passenger accommodation. On non-passenger vessels the Catering Rating will likely be the Ship’s Cook or Cook/Steward, feeding and taking care of the entire ship’s complement.

There is no minimum academic standard for entering the industry as a Rating, but a minimum of three GCSEs or Scottish standard grades is preferred. This shows you’ve got the potential to obtain your professional maritime qualifications. To begin a career at sea, you’ll need to satisfy some basic physical health and fitness standards, including eyesight.

Career advancement:

If you want to be part of the catering, Hospitality and Onboard Services one day. The ideal candidate for this role has excellent administrative and organisational skills, is accurate with their work and is computer literate. As a role at the heart of a yacht's administration, communicating with onshore vendors, contractors, yacht owners and guests in a variety of settings, superior communication skills and diplomacy and delegation qualities are essential.

Associated job opportunities:

Some pursers hire, train, and manage staff. This includes making sure they meet all of a company’s standards, just as a corporation's HR manager does. The purser's duties in this area would include handling the paperwork for new staff members, providing their initial training, overseeing them on a regular basis and disciplining staff, when necessary.