April 03, 2020

Terminal Manager

The Terminal Manager is responsible for planning, administering and reviewing the operations within a single terminal in a port in order to ensure efficiencies, minimise costs and maintain safety standards.

They must manage all aspects of the port terminal to ensure that the required throughput of cargo is maintained in order to meet the needs of calling vessels.

Key tasks:

·        Oversee terminal budget.

·        Develop and deliver business plans to meet terminal commitments.

·        Ensure that safety and health standards are implemented and adhered to.

·        Liaise with industry stakeholders and represent the port on committees.

·        Supervise inventory management of freight as it enters and leaves the terminal.

·        Plan cargo movement and storage within the terminal.

Entry requirements/training:

A background in engineering, logistics and business is required for the position. Although there is no specific degree or diploma in terminal management, Terminal Managers need to have experience in a similar environment and knowledge of the computer management systems involved in running a terminal.

Career advancement:

Further advancement within the port management structure is available to Terminal Managers who gain additional business and management skills.